☀️📦 Yes, Recycle that cardboard! 

As we gear up for back-to-school and college moves, let's remember: all those boxes from new books, dorm essentials, and school supplies can be recycled! Flatten your cardboard to save space in the recycling bin and ensure they're free from food stains and grease.

Why it matters:

Quick Tip: Keep your recycling dry. Store cardboard under cover to prevent it from getting soggy in surprise summer showers. 🌦️♻️


📦♻️ Yes, Recycle Your Cardboard! ♻️📦

Did you know that cardboard plays a crucial role in our daily lives, especially within our supply chain? More importantly, it can being recycled up to 7 times & takes 25% less energy than making new cardboard! ✨ 

Here's how to Recycle Right:

Empty your cardboard boxes - every bit counts!

Flatten them to save space and make the recycling process more efficient.

Remove any tape and dispose of it in the trash – clean cardboard is recyclable cardboard.

✅🔄Recycle aluminum, paper & carboard in your curbside bin. 

❌🚫Don’t let food and liquids ruin your recyclables. Please remember to always keep recycling empty, clean & dry! 



☀️🚫 Quick Summer Reminder: No Hoses in the Recycling Bin! 🚫💧

Summer's in full swing, and that means lots of watering and gardening. Just a heads up: garden hoses, water hoses, and soaker hoses don't belong in your recycling bin. They can damage recycling equipment and aren't recyclable through curbside programs.

Tip: Find a new use for old hoses or dispose of them in the trash. Let's keep our recycling clean and our summer green! 🌻♻️


🌿♻️🚫 Recycling Reminder: Hoses Are Not Recyclable! 

Please remember: Garden hoses, water hoses, and soaker hoses cannot go in your curbside recycling bin.

Why not? 🤔

Hoses can tangle in the recycling machinery, causing damage and potentially hazardous situations for workers.

Garden hoses and equipment are made from hard-to-recycle materials.